Speakers 2021

We are proud to present inspirational and international speakers with long experience of LGBTI+ inclusion, sharing their experiences and best practice. 

Drusilla Copeland

Four Rooms of Change

Senior OD Consultant

Drusilla Copeland met the Four Rooms of Change in 1992 while reading Productive Workplaces by Marvin Weisbord, 1987. Copeland was taken by the elegance and accessibility of the theory and the model and its ability to help group get unstuck.

Copeland met Bengt Lindström in 1998, participated in the first international certification program in 1999. Since then, Copeland has worked actively with A&L Partners AB and the Four Rooms of Change to spread the theory, model and analytical instruments to individuals, groups, organizations, business sectors, and social systems.

Matt Dabrowski


Founder and director

Matt Dabrowski is the founder and director of OutScotland/Out Britain, an LGBT+ Business Network focused on certifying the LGBT+ owned businesses in the United Kingdom.

Having moved from the US in 2019 to Scotland Matt realized there was a lack of resources for the LGBT+ business community in the UK. With his past experience as the Executive Director of the Connecticut Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce he realized there was a need to establish a formal UK wide “Chamber” which could provide similar resources in helping the lgbt+ business community grow and connect.

Matt has also been involved in shaping legislation as well as being a vital part of creating LGBT+ events such as the Capitol City Pride (Connecticut’s first capitol pride event in 2015). As an employee of Liberty Mutual Insurance in Boston Matt was engaged in shaping the PRIDE Employee Resource Group by bringing progressive education standards to management through the national framework initiative to diversity and inclusion.

Matt has always been passionate about his community and his Polish heritage. He founded and created the Little Poland Festival in New Britain Connection which now brings over 50,000 tourist and locals to celebration Polish history, cuisine, and culture. As the executive director of the Polish American Foundation of Connecticut he was vital in the preservation of polish heritage as we as an integral part of immigration policy in Washington D.C. These posts led Matt to run for public office in Connecticut on several occasions which opened the doors to working with Ambassadors, Governors, and State Officials.

For his achievements to his community Matt has been awarded various distinction by the Lions Club International, The Polonia Business Association, The Rotary Club International, and the Government of Poland.

Peter Dahlen

AmCham Sweden

Managing Director of AmCham Sweden

Peter Dahlen, Managing Director of AmCham Sweden, is a government relations and business development professional with an insider’s understanding of Washington, DC. Peter is also a regular lecturer at the Stockholm University Law Faculty on the U.S. legislative process.

James Felton Keith

Inclusion Score

Founder and Author of Inclusionism

James Felton Keith is an award-winning engineer and economist who was the first black LGBTQ person to run for US congress. He lectures at the New Yor University in the Big Ideas Course Series. As an author and activist, his Data Unions redifined the labor movement and personal data as the netural resource driving all corporate productivity. As an entrepeneur, he established the first international standard certification for corporate diversity&inclusion. His bio-political philisophy, Inclusionism is at the forefrom of Humas Rights advocacy and international relations and each week he hosts the radio show Inclusionism in NYC.

JFK has incubated the data industry via his founding of The data Union and Personal Data Week conferences. As a serial entrepenuer he has founded multiple companies  across the InsurTech, Fintech and AdTech sectors Over the past 2+ years he has been obsessing about economic inclusion. James has been appointed to the cabinet of Elected Officials, and advised CEOs, Academics Governments and Non-profits. He currentlu advises boards at Rutgers University, the Streamr Network, the Back & Latina LGBTQ Coalition, multiple governments and is a frequent keynote at global venues like the United Nations, Future Tech Congresse, Data Protection World Forum, Money 20/20 and Hope Global Forums.

Judith Gough

British Embassy

Brittish Ambassador to Sweden

Judith Gough became the British Ambassador to Sweden in August 2019. From 2015 to 2019 she was British Ambassador to Ukraine.

Ms Gough joined the Foreign & Commonwealth Office in 2001 and has been engaged with Eastern Europe and Central Asia for over 20 years, previously serving as Director for the region and Her Majesty’s Ambassador in Tbilisi. Ms Gough has also served in the British Embassy in Seoul and, prior to joining the FCO, worked as a consultant at Ernst and Young, in Emerging Markets and Financial Services.

Johanna Gustafsson

Saab TransponderTech

Managing Director

Johanna is the Managing Director for Saab TransponderTech, a company that are pioneers in Automatic Identification System technologies, with more than 20,000 AIS vessel transponder systems delivered; thousands of AIS base stations installed in more than 50 countries; unique Secure AIS (encrypted) solutions; and is a major supplier of Airborne AIS transponders. Furthermore, they have an installed base of national AIS network systems with customers all over the world, including advanced multi-sensor solutions for sea traffic monitoring and control and coastal surveillance.

Johanna has been with Saab for more than 20 years with a number of different position primarily in Marketing & Sales, Business Development, Programme Management and R&D. She is currently based in Sweden, but has previously worked and lived both in France and in the UK. Johanna holds a Master of Science degree in theoretical physics and she is devoted to the benefits of diversity in the workplace. Inclusion is significant for her value-based leadership.

Tobias Holfelt

MB Market Makers & SGLCC


Tobias Holfelt has worked with LGBT issues for 15 years as CEO of MB Market Makers with the core competence of transnational valuation of LGBT from a business perspective, Having studied LGBT market value in China and several other countries over many years, the core business is international LGBT-communication and workplace inclusion implementation and training for the private sector, connecting corporations and communities in Asia, Europe and North-America. Tobias also produce a yearly LGBT Business Leaders Forum in Asia.

Tobias is the founder and Chairman of SGLCC, the NGLCC affiliate in Scandinavia, that seeks to enhance the exchange of ideas and increase business across the Atlantic as well as serve as a source for supplier diversity and co-founder of EGLCC, European LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

Anna Högkil

Klubb Moxy & Fredagsräkan


Anna is an entrepeneur who and has had one restaurant on the west-coast, and two in Stockholm. Since 15 years she is running Moxy, perhaps the biggest club in the Nordics, mainly catering for the lesbian community. Anna has also been caterer for many events such as Stockholm Pride and Westpride.

Especially notable was the Dill Pop-up project with Michelin-star chefs, that continued with several productions with Michelin-chefs touring Sweden with Michelin Chefs.

She currently also runs Fredagsräkan, that sells and delivers seafood in the Stockholm region, that saw a boost during the Covid Pandemic.

Tove Möller

The Accessible Society

Diversity, Equality & CSR-specialist

Tove has worked in D&I management positions for more than 20 years. She has recieved several awards and nominations, such as ”The Diversity Manager of the Year” and Financial Times Diversity Leaders 2021. Recently she was the co-founder of The Accessible Society that provides lectures and a roadmap to a successful inclusion-strategy. Tove has worked with inclusion from all aspects and has also been part of the development of educational material til a European Social Fund financed project, UUA.

-To be responsible for D&I in a large organsiation can feel lonesome and hard, many find it hard to know where to start. I believe that my experiences in large corporations can be helpful, and as such I may differ somewhat from other lecturers. I have been there and done it, says Tove.

Carina Nilsson

City of Malmö

Chairman of the Malmö City Council

Carina Nilsson was elected Chairman of the Malmö City Council in October of 2018 and is the first woman to hold this position. She was previously the Deputy Mayor in charge of welfare, healthcare, and social services between 2010-2018 and was also previously the chairman of the municipal welfare, healthcare, and social services board.

She received her degree as an occupational therapist in 1980. She received her teaching degree at Uppsala University in 1987 and worked as a teacher (1985-92) at the institution for occupational therapy at Lund University. She also worked as a licensed occupational therapist within both the municipality as well as the region until 1992. After that she held the position of health planner at Malmö University Hospital. In 2008 she gained her Master’s degree in public health at Malmö University.

Her political career began in the 1980’s on the sanitation committee and as a replacement on the municipal environmental board in Malmö. After that she had a number of municipal political roles such as chairman of the environmental board 1997-2006 and chairman of the cultural board 2007-2010. During 2008-2010 Carina Nilsson was the Deputy Mayor in charge of culture and leisure.

In addition to her municipal political roles, Carina Nilsson is also the chairman of the organisation Social Democratic Women Malmö.

Micael Nord

City of Malmö

Director for Business and External Relations

Micael Nord works as director for business and external relations at the City of Malmö. Micael has long experience from working with development in and between the public sector, private sector, academy and civil society. Micael has earlier worked as head of development in the City of Göteborg, chief of staff at the governmental agency Svenska ESF-rådet and as deputy director for development at the Region Skåne.

Jonas Norén

J Norén AB


Jonas recived his first camera when I was 4 years old, and right away I was captured by the magic of photography. However it would be another 25 years before it really took off, and he started taking picuters regurarly, perhaps he is a bit restless. To take pictures and wait for the end result in a dark room was to slow and dull, while the new digital cameras made it possible to see it right away. Taking photos in his spare time, became freel ancing that became a small business.

Jonas like to take pictures of people, the world round us, and food. Mostly in Sweden, but there are some trips around other countries each year. To meet so many new people, and to see some many different places and cultures, means that each day on the job as a photographer is different.

Thomas Ogard

Moll Wendén Law firm

Lawyer and Partner

Thomas Ogard is a laywer and Partner at Moll Wendén Law firm. Moll Wendén is specialized on business law.

Thomas has helped Swedish and International Organisations on issues concerning labour law since 2007.

He works with larger projects as well as strategic issues, agreements and policy and represents clients in negotiations and disputes.

Marijn Pijnenburg


Global Business Development Executive Workforce Diversity and LGBT Markets

Marijn Pijnenburg heads EMEA for IBM’s Global Diversity Business Development team. In this role he provides strategic advisement to business leaders on how to leverage human capital, talent development, diversity, inclusion, engagement, and LGBT+, as critical business drivers, to foster innovation and transform organisational cultures.

Marijn also manages IBM’s corporate community partnerships with LGBT+ and diversity organisations. He is initiator of several Diversity and LGBT+ Business Forums, is member of the AmCham Diversity Committee, the Workplace Pride Global Leaders Council and led the Strategic Growth Team of Open For Business. Marijn was acknowledged as Global Leader by the Financial Times for his diversity efforts.

Martin Sjögren


Key Account Manager

Martin is responsible for the public sector at Randstad in Sweden. He is also responsible for Randstad’s partnership with UUA (Universal Design in the Workplace) and sits on its board. UUA started as a project with funding from the European Social Fund+, however it has now become an association with the same aim – to make universal design in the workplace an integral part of work.

Martin is also on Randstad’s Swedish steering group for Randstad Employer Brand Research, the world’s largest independent employer branding survey. In his role at Randstad, he often lectures on inclusive recruitment, LGBTQI at work and employer branding for customers, partners and others, as well as advising on inclusion.

Karin Svensson


HR Director

Karin Svensson is the HR director at MKB Fastighets AB, one of Swedens largerst publicly owned real estate companies. MKB is to offer housing to anyone who wants to live in Malmö, and being an inclusive employer. As part of this effort MKB was HBTQ-certifierad 2017, as the first real estate company in Sweden.

Karin is responsible for MKBs D&I efforts that includes, among other topics, LGBTI and the internal diversity groups.

Per Svensson

CEO and founder

Croisette Real Estate Partner

Per Svensson is the CEO of Croisette Real Estate Partner. He founded the company in the year 2015 in Malmö, Sweden. Within only six years Per has managed to establish Croisette in six cities in Sweden. During 2020 Croisette became international with an office in Reykjavik, Island and by the end of the summer 2021 there will be an additional international office up and running in Copenhagen, Denmark.  

Per Svensson was appointed Business Rookie of the Year at the Malmö Business Gala 2020. He was also one of the three finalists in the annual award Growth Entrepreneur of the Year 2020, presented by Tillväxt Malmö.  

Per played hockey as a child and started his first business as an eleven-year-old selling hockey equipment online. Later he studied real estate management at Malmö University and worked at a real estate advisory firm for a short while. In 2015 his vision of Croisette Real Estate Partner became a reality, based on the idea to challenge the real estate sector, with the vision to become the world’s leading real estate advisor. 

Croisette Real Estate Partner was named a Gazelle Company in October 2020, a distinction paying tribute to Sweden’s most successful growth company. Croisette also won the Skåne Gazelle of the Year award at DI Gazelle Live 2020. A 781% growth rate during the survey period makes Croisette unique, particularly because no other real estate player has ever won the Skåne Gazelle of the Year award. 

Petra Sörling

Rosengård Fastighets AB


Petra Sörling is the CEO of Rosengård Fastighets AB. She has a background as head of HSB Sundsfastigheter and market area manager at Riksbyggen. She has been chairman of the Swedish Table Tennis Association since 2013 and Vice President of the International Table Tennis Association since 2009 and board member of the Swedish Olympic Committee since 2021.

In her work at Rosengård, the bosocial issues are the foundation of the business plan and together the company drives urban development in the area.

Daniel Sörlöv


Compliance and Information Protection Expert

Daniel Sörlöv is a recognized technical and regulatory expert and advisor for security, compliance and trust in public and private cloud at Microsoft. Since 2008 an activist for the LGBTQIA+ community and founder of the Swedish network for Global LGBTQI Employees and Allies at Microsoft (GLEAM) in 2014. Worked with creating the first D&I track for leaders and decision makers at technical conferences such as TechDays. Joined Stockholm Pride in 2009 as a volunteer and have now been a director in Stockholm Pride organisation for many years and today serving as their Data Protection Officer.

Peter Zerp


Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability

Peter Zerp is based in Amsterdam and one of the drivers of Accenture’s Global Supplier Inclusion & Sustainability Program. His role for Accenture includes collaborating with local champions to develop and grow local Supplier Inclusion & Diversity efforts in Europe and Asia-Pacific and launching Accenture’s Diverse Supplier Development Program in Austria, Switzerland and Germany.

He also drives a program to help ensure Accenture’s virtual workplace is accessible to persons with disabilities. Peter serves on the Global board and executive committee of WEConnect International, the advisory board of the European LGBT Chamber of Commerce (EGLCC) and several committees for Disability:IN.

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