About the conference

Why do we arrange the LGBTI+ Business Conference?

We are four people with different backgrounds. We have been involved in different projects in a variety of places. With the LGBTI+ Business Conference in Malmö we hope to create something that all four of us think is really important for all small and big businesses.

How do companies act against employees and customers? In 2021 it should be natural that the best way to increase your business, find the best ideas and new markets.

What is LGBTI+ economics?

There is a significant return on investment for private corporations that implements a sustainable LGBTI+ inclusion strategy.

In order to be successful, this need to be a credible and long-term and focused on how these issues best can be implemented in the corporate business strategy, in all parts of the business processes, from talent acquisition to workplace inclusion, innovation, sales and supply-chains. This can also be tracked up to the owner-level, by the stock-performance.

SGLCC – Scandinavian LGBT Chamber of Commerce produce a screening of Scandinavian corporations. It shows that some are well under way, whereas others may need some more knowledge and understanding in order to develop further, and we are here to help you on the way.

The current pandemic has caused severe stress to the business environment across the world. Some have had a very difficult time, and some have done well. Over time, certain areas will go back to pre-pandemic activities, and others will come out with entirely new models and strategies. What has become evident is the need for the diversity and inclusion models to be resilient under stress as well as sustainable in order to be useful, credible and deliver the intended outcome for the business at hand.

LGBTI+ entrepreneurs

One group is sometimes overlooked. Those in our community that who runs and develops businesses on their own. We want to highlight the thriving entrepreneurship within our community and the economic development and innovation it brings. In the USA alone, the LGBTI business community is calculated to add 1.7 Trillion USD annually to the GDP (Witeck, 2019), and there is no reason this should be any different in Scandinavia.

LGBTI+ purchase power

As an example, the LGBT purchase power in Sweden exceeds SEK 220 Bln/annually, doubled if included the neighboring Nordic countries. The US and Chinese markets are valued at 1 Trl USD annually. To be added is the secondary market, often described as ”Friends and Allies”, that tends to follow the same consumer patterns. However, in order to achieve successful market penetration, a credible and structured inclusion strategy needs to be implemented.


Alf Kjeller

Alf Kjeller AB & SGLCC

CEO/Project manager

Alf has been active in LGBTQ rights for 20 years. He has been active in Stockholm Pride since 2000 and has had roles as operations manager for Pride Park, festival manager, communications manager, international coordinator and project manager for EuroPride 2018 Stockholm Gothenburg.

He is vice president in SGLCC – The Scandinavian LGBT Chamber of Commerce.
Alf runs a limited company in project management and business development as well as a web agency. 

Alf received the award ”Keep Up the Good Work” at the QX Gaygala 2012 and was one of the nominees for the Diversity Index Award 2018.

Cäthe Green

Projektbyrån Green

CEO/Project manager

Cäthe is a project manager with a big interest in structure and details. She has been working with a lot of different exhibitions, conferences and meetings on a local, regional and national level.

In 2012 she started Projektbyrån Green and has ever since had roles as project manager for Svenska Stadskärnors Annual conference and arranging her own conference the Tipping Point. She has worked together with Peter Eyermann for a couple of years with Smart Little Village, Glocal Talent, Thursday Breakfast @Live, 0707 Thursday Live, Good morning Skåne and Malmö Game Week

Peter Eyermann



Peter is an entrepreneur with academic degree in market economy from the University of Lund. He also has a big heart and interest for the development in Malmö and the region of Öresund.

Founder of a couple of businesses such as Vision Recording Television Company, Film och Tv Media, Producenthuset, Propello Gruppen, Attraction and Scandvision CPH.
In 2010 he started Gefion AB witch is a company with focus on conferences, network and activities’ for example Malmö Game Week, Smart Little Village, Glocal Talent, Thursday Breakfast @Live, 0707 Thursday Live, Good morning Skåne, Farmers Link and the 100 year jubilee of National Museum of Science and Technology in 2023.

Tobias Holfelt

MB Market Makers & SGLCC


Tobias Holfelt has worked with LGBT issues for 15 years as CEO of MB Market Makers with the core competence of transnational valuation of LGBT from a business perspective, Having studied LGBT market value in China and several other countries over many years, the core business is international LGBT-communication and workplace inclusion implementation and training for the private sector, connecting corporations and communities in Asia, Europe and North-America. Tobias also produce a yearly LGBT Business Leaders Forum in Asia. Tobias is the founder and Chairman of SGLCC, the NGLCC affiliate in Scandinavia, that seeks to enhance the exchange of ideas and increase business across the Atlantic as well as serve as a source for supplier diversity and co-founder of EGLCC, European LGBT Chamber of Commerce.

In addition, Tobias is the founder and co-owner of OutPerform a global LGBT Investment-fund.

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